MARILYN KIRSCH    Contemporary Abstract Painting and Photography 

About my Painting

My painting is somewhere between abstract and non-objective.
There seem to be recognizable images in my work, but they are elusive.
They are closer to apparitions than to real objects or landscapes.
My imagery lacks boundaries and hovers between possibilities.

This deliberate ambiguity is a way of exploring how meaning can be
found where it was not intended. Random marks of paint may seem
to be images of real things, like finding pictures in the clouds.

I utilize both a control of the medium and an allowance for the
accidental. Shifts of the image occur during the painting process and
become part of the finished piece. The completed painting is my response
to the unsettling relationship between random acts and carefully planned
decisions. Also, with each work, I try to balance the physical properties
of the materials used and the metaphorical content of the image.

About my Photography

I have always taken photographs, but it has been over the last several
years that I have become serious about my photography. It is now an
integral part of my work as an artist.

Since I have been painting for many years, it is natural that my photography
grew out of my work as a painter. As I grew more interested in photography
I realized the endless possibilities of making photo-collages using the camera
and the computer.

My recent photographic work is the series "The City Map Project" which combines
my fascination of cities, mapping and architecture with my painterly view of the world.

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